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“‘Hope’ Artist Fairey wants to Replace ‘Hope’ with ‘Drones,'” John Nolte writes at Big Hollywood — and who are we to refuse a request from a fellow Photoshop artiste? Here’s our artist’s recreation of Fairey creating his iconic poster, albeit with the slight name change he now prefers:

This TMZ video only lasts thirty seconds, but still contains a lot of good stuff. First off, you have the 43 year-old artist-of-the-people Shepard Fairey exiting chic Hollywood hangout, The Chateau Marmont, and entering a SUV limo.

Fairey also admits that after five years of reality that he would retract his “Hope” poster and put the word “drones” under Obama’s image:

Click over for the video.

(Our artwork created using multiple licensed Shutterstock.com images. As for Fairey’s original…)