Ed Driscoll

When You've Lost Joe Scarborough...

“Even Scarborough Blasts Obama’s ‘Harsh Partisan’ Speech,” Bryan Preston writes at the PJ Tatler:

Scarborough also noted the obvious: The media would have crucified George W. Bush if he had done the same thing. Bush wouldn’t have done the same thing — he is not the hyper partisan that Obama is, and Bush sensed which moments belonged to the nation and which were more suited for party politics. Bush has character, which Barack Obama lacks. Bush had also negotiated massive business deals and managed a baseball team from mediocrity to success prior to becoming president. He had worked with a hostile legislature when he governed Texas. Obama had never run anything prior to becoming president. His lack of experience shows in his lack of grace.

There isn’t much else to say about all this. Barack Obama had the chance, again, to be a unifier but he passed on that chance. No one around him suggested putting the speech off, which is a reflection on his hiring and leadership. The media have yet to call him on his actions, and they are not likely to in any effective way. Obama’s dishonesty drips into everything he says on every policy. He didn’t set a red line on Syria. Obamacare isn’t hurting the economy. A truly fair media would not let him get away with any of this for long. He is more suited to a job as a rank pundit than as President of the United States.

That shouldn’t be a problem — if MSNBC is willing to hire Alec Baldwin and Al Sharpton, I’m reasonably certain Mr. Obama’s eight year demo reel will land him a primetime gig there as well come 2017.

By the way, this is yet another reminder that it’s not 2009 anymore, and that, like the rest of the Obama administration, Scarborough isn’t losing too much sleep these days over the 3:00 am phone call or email:

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