Just NBC the Hackery!


"MSNBC Still Airing Debunked Graphic Showing Navy Yard Shooter With AR-15," John Nolte writes at Big Journalism:

The photo above is a screen shot of MSNBC taken Tuesday at 12:08pm ET, hours after the FBI confirmed that Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, used a shotgun and two pistols during Monday's rampage that killed 12. Regardless of these facts, MSNBC continues to use a computer graphic that clearly shows the shooter with an AR-15.

Meanwhile, Allahpundit notes that Piers Morgan of Time-Warner-CNN-HBO isn't backing down from his anti-Constitutional ferver after his own meltdown yesterday over imaginary AR-15s. His post ended with a look at the above screenshot from MSNBC; afterwards, a Hot Air commenter asked, "Does that picture have an AR-15 with a grenade launcher attachment? Because that looks extra-plus scary." Another commenter adds:

Notice in the MSNBC graphic that the shooter is “RED” while the innocent victims are “BLUE”.

This is not a mistake or a coincidence.

Based on NBC's shameless past performance, that seems an eminently reasonable assumption.

And speaking of NBC, Matt Lauer of the Today Show, without a shred of self-awareness regarding his own network's penchant for anti-Constitutional demagoguery, "Tells Russian Lawmaker Politicizing DC Shooting to 'Shut Up.'"

But then, isn't that the official motto of the American left these days in general?

Fortunately though, at least when it comes to NBC, the feeling is mutual from the American heartland.

Update: "Waah! Chuck Todd, real Navy Yard victim? Guess what is at fault for his shoddy reporting."

Plus "NY Daily News called out for epic front-page fail, absurd ‘AR-15 made for murder’ column."  And Piers Morgan's cynical double-standard.

Perhaps this handy guide might help our beleaguered MSM: