Ed Driscoll

12 Deaths Reported in Washington Navy Yard Shooting

“Breaking: Lone shooter at Washington Navy Yard; Update: Barricaded in a single room? Update: Four dead, NBC reports,” Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey writes:

A lone shooter has shot several people at the Washington Navy Yard in DC, with local and military police responding to the gunfire.  There’s not a tremendous amount of information yet, but NBC and CBS have flash reports on the situation:

Police are searching for an active shooter on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard after several people were shot Monday morning.

The U.S. Navy says three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. at building #197 at the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters. Several people have been shot, News4′s Jackie Benson reported. Benson says the suspect is inside a military building and is armed with a rifle.

Ed notes that the Washington Post has reason to believe that there may be more than one shooter involved; obviously this is a breaking news story, which will be updated throughout the day as new facts come in.

…And of course, the narrative will have to be assembled by the media as well. To follow up on my post yesterday, I wonder how this will be spun by the MSM to damage the right, particularly after the recall elections in Colorado.

I realize it’s ghoulish to be asking that question so quickly. On the other hand, it’s infinitely more so to be thinking of how to spin this incident to political advantage, which is exactly what is going on in news rooms — and the White House — right now.

Late Update (9/17/13): I’m updating the headline to reflect the current, tragic, body count — 12 deaths, not including the gunman himself.