Ed Driscoll

Come Back Newton Minow, All is Forgiven!

What a difference just a few days makes:

“Obama’s Aides Reject ‘Passé Tactic’ of Addressing Americans Ahead of Syria Attack.”

— Headline, Mediaite, Wednesday.

“Kerry to appear on all five Sunday shows.”

— Headline, Lucianne.com, yesterday.

Judging by Mr. Kerry’s spectacular Obama-de-fe at the hands of Chris Wallace today, perhaps the administration should have stuck with their first impulse.

The vast wasteland, indeed.

Update: “How do you ask John Kerry to be the fall guy, go on all the Sunday morning talk shows, and try to cover up for your own leadership mistake?”

Do not miss the photo of Kerry halfway through Ann Althouse’s post. “Is there some tongue-out disease going around this week, some virulence of chapped lips?”