Ed Driscoll

Ironically, There's Also a 'Third Way' Available to the Voters

“Do Americans, specifically Democratic voters, do they want to see a third Obama term or would they like to see the restoration of the Bill Clinton era?”, David Gregory asked today on Meet the Press.

Ironically enough, considering it was what Bill Clinton called his governing style (forgetting or ignoring the phrase’s rather unsavory origins, much as his wife would later do by dubbing herself a “Progressive”), there may just be a Third Way that voters could choose in 2016, after eight years of hard left rule. And as Noel Sheppard asks at Newsbusters, “When you think about it, any American — including Republicans — who would prefer the current America to what we had under Bill Clinton would need his or her head examined,” considering today’s levels of poverty, unemployment, soaring fiscal spending, city bankruptcies, and Alinsky-style race baiting.

The latter being something Bill wasn’t immune to himself, but it didn’t seem to be the fundamental building block of his administration, unlike BHO.

“Does Gregory truly believe the current America is better, or is he just being a good shill for the man his entire network is in love with?”, Noel asks. (Speaking of which, will Hillary run complaining about “The Worst Economy in 50 years?” That would be ironic indeed.)

Inside the NBC bubble, sure the ratings are terrible, and the country is hosed, but the power of having your side in charge has to be rather thrilling.