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Bill Clinton endorsed Bob Filner #Waronwomen

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Clinton endorsed fellow Democrat “Filthy” Bob Filner for San Diego mayor in 2012, Caroline May reports at the Daily Caller:

Before 13 women stepped forward to accuse San Diego Democratic Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment, Filner was not the political pariah he is now.

Prior to his election as mayor — and the recent, numerous sexual harassment accusations — former President Bill Clinton endorsed Filner, asking voters to join him “in supporting Bob Filner for mayor” in 2012.

According to a report from KPBS from Oct. 31, 2012, at a news conference announcing the endorsement, Filner said that he frequently spoke with the former president.

“We convinced him this race for mayor was of national importance,” Filner said, according to the local news report.

In 1998, Filner called Clinton’s escapades with Monica Lewinsky “reckless and indefensible,” while defending Clinton’s recklessness against being impeached. Perhaps to repay Filner for not calling for his impeachment when Filner was a Democrat congressman in 1998, Clinton was happy to pitch in a decade and a half later in for his mayoral bid. Or perhaps Bill sensed that Filner was a fellow wild and crazy kind of Dem.* According to a reporter last month at Voice of San Diego.org covering the Fillner debacle, the chairwoman of the San Diego County Democratic Party said that her fellow party leaders “looked at Filner’s 30-year record of advocating for progressive causes when evaluating him as a candidate for mayor. Discussions involving Filner’s poor treatment of women never rose above rumor, she said.” Despite the fact “I blew the whistle on this two years ago to the Democratic Party leadership,” former California State Assemblywoman Lori Saldana also told Voice of San Diego last month.

But while Filner says he was able to convince Clinton that his mayoral race “was of national importance,” that certainly doesn’t seem the case now, as Ace writes at the Breitbart.com Conversation group blog:

So, the Liberal Corporate Media pretends this is a Local Crime Story, despite the fact the great majority of Filner’s victimizations did not occur during his mayoralty, but during his ten terms — 2o years! — as United States Congressman, yes, US Congressman, in Congress, that Congress, the one in Washington DC, as cofounder of the California Progressive Caucus with cofounder Nancy Pelosi.

The state Democrat Party turned a blind eye to his serial gropings.  It is all but impossible to believe the national party did not cover up for him as well.

For no reason other than principle-free power hunger.  All the while running on their vapid #WarOnWomen platform.

Perhaps this tweet from Politico last week is the most shameless example of their being in the tank for the left:


And in 1973, O.J. Simpson gained 2000 yards in a single season.

* See also: Clinton presiding over wedding of Weiner, Anthony.