Ed Driscoll

A Modest Proposal

“My unsolicited advice to Anthony Weiner is to drop out of the race for mayor of New York City,” Larry Elder writes in his latest column. “But since you insist on staying, hold a press conference:”

My fellow New Yorkers,

The New York Times, among others, tells me to quit the race. Here’s my proposition. I’ll resign when the Times poses this question. In the upcoming NBC-produced miniseries called “Hillary,” who will play Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey?

What, confused expressions? Interesting how the Weiner-get-out crowd forgets that “everybody lies about sex” — except when it comes to politicians whose last name is not Clinton.

Digital First Media, in a piece run by a bunch of news outlets, put out a list of the eight most recent political scandals. I’ll read the entry for President Bill Clinton: “The scandal: In 1995, Clinton had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, then gave a misleading answer about it in a sworn deposition in a civil case.”

Are you kidding me? That’s the Bill Clinton “scandal”?

Maybe I just dreamt that a credible, professional woman named Juanita Broaddrick appeared on NBC’s “Dateline”? And that she accused Bill Clinton not of sending dirty pictures, but of rape.

Read the whole thing, which raises a good question: What are the odds that Weiner and Huma actually will sell out their mentors?

Meanwhile, Jim Treacher spots the royal trifecta:

Sydney Leathers, the 23-year-old at the heart of the new Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, was seen meeting porn industry giant Vivid Video last weekend as agencies grapple to cash in on the online mistress’ Weiner connection.

Miss Leathers was seen getting into Vivid founder Steve Hirsch’s convertible as she left their headquarters in Los Angeles on Saturday, TMZ reported. She didn’t reveal much about the encounter on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning.

“He reached out to my manager Gina, and I just feel like, he’s a great guy, I’m keeping all my options open. We’ll see what happens,” she said…

Her manager, Gina Rodriguez, also represents Tan Mom and Octomom, Buzzfeed reported.

“Tan Mom and Octomom? Yay! Back in the old days, this sort of thing was called a sideshow. Now it’s big business. Now it’s an aspiration,” Jim adds in response. “As fascinating as this whole Anthony Weiner fiasco is, and as fun as it is to write the suitably awful headlines, it’s sad that this young woman is leaping headfirst into the sausage-grinder of 21st Century ‘fame.’ Save some money, Sydney.”

Update: “Frank was awkward, and a little too pushy. Greg was handsome:” Saturday Night Live parody with Tom Brady (and ironically, future SNL Obama stand-in Fred Armisen) on “How To Avoid A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit” anticipates Weiner/Clinton MSM schism by nearly a decade: