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Veteran Leftwing Journalist Helen Thomas Dead at 92

UPI, where Helen Thomas spent the bulk of her career, from 1974 to 2000, has the official, carefully worded obit, only mentioning the moment that cost Thomas her career 21 paragraphs in. We'll come back to that in just a moment. But first, to set the stage, a "Long List of Liberal Eruptions from Media's Mount St. Helen" was rounded up by Newsbusters' Rich Noyes in 2010:

Thomas has been widely admired by the liberal establishment in the media. NBC’s Ann Curry, for example, last year saluted Thomas as “a woman who inspired me....I’ve tried to emulate her.” CBS’s Harry Smith has described her as “legendary,” adding: “What she does day after day after day, I’m not sure we value enough.”

Thomas has not been shy about expressing her left-wing views and reliably anti-Israel opinions since she became a White House “columnist” in 2000, after a lengthy career as UPI’s straight news White House correspondent. But a review shows Thomas was expressing solidly liberal opinions even as a supposedly neutral reporter:

Nearly twenty years ago, she dismissed the idea of liberal bias as nothing but compassion: “I don’t know what a liberal bias is. Do you mean we care about the poor, the sick, and the maimed? Do we care whether people are being shot every day on the streets of America? If that’s liberal, so be it.”

In 1993, she slammed Ronald Reagan as soulless: “A President should care about all people, and he didn’t, which is why I will always feel Reagan lacked soul.” But a few months after Bill Clinton left office in 2001, Thomas fawned: “The human spirit — to me and millions of others, President Clinton has always personified that. He is the man from Hope, and that is what he has given us, hope. We miss him.” And, a few months after 9/11, she ridiculously insisted that the security measures were worse than FDR’s internment of Japanese-Americans:  “The chipping away of our civil liberties is unprecedented. Even in World War II, I never saw anything like that.”

In 2006, Thomas admitted the obvious: “I’m a liberal, I was born a liberal, and I will be a liberal ‘til the day I die.”

As they say at David Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine, "Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out." Four years after Thomas declared she was a woman of the left, she completely dropped the mask, allowing the world to really see the liberal fascist raging inside her:

That quote was made in June of 2010 to Rabbi David Nesenoff and a pair of teenagers wearing yarmulkes:

Here is video of Rabbi David Nesenoff on “Fox and Friends” this morning to talk about his encounter with Israel-hating White House Correspondent Helen Thomas. Nesenoff is the Rabbi who interviewed Thomas at a White House Event celebrating Jewish Heritage where Thomas said Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine,” and also said Jews should “go home” to “Poland and Germany.”

Nesenoff said his initial reaction to Thomas’ remarks was “Whoa,” because he had “two teenage impressionable young men” with him, both of whom were wearing skull caps. Thomas has since said she “regrets” the remarks.

Nesenoff said “it’s time” for Helen Thomas to go, and “it’s really disgusting for her” to continue as a member of the White House Press Corps. “She showed her colors,” the Rabbi said.

Rabbi Nesenoff is right. The revelation that she not only said these things, but did it deliberately in the presence of two Jewish teens (wearing skull caps) shows just how vile Helen Thomas has become in her hatred of Israel. As the Rabbi said, it’s time for her to go.

Much more, after the page break.