Ed Driscoll

AP Junks Objectivity in Texas Abortion Debate

Whoever writes the official AP twitter feed added a #StandWithWendy hashtag to one of their tweets last night, declaring their advocacy for Wendy Davis, the radical pro-late term abortion Texas state senator. While there was little doubt before as to where the Associated Press stood on this issue, in a way, it was nice of them to drop the mask and remove any doubt that they’re no longer in the objective news gathering and dissemination business. Instead, AP are now advocating for a particular stance on a particular issue, albeit one that’s far too extreme for the majority of Texas residents, as Ed Morrissey notes today:

There’s no question that Perry will sign this bill ASAP.  He’s been champing at the bit to push this into legislation, in part energized by the attempt at mob rule by pro-abortion activists, and in part because 62% of Texans support the bill.  In April, a similar number nationwide said they would support a similar ban if science showed that children can feel pain at 20 weeks’ gestation.

In this case, the extreme position has always been carte blanche for abortions on demand. Thanks to the tactics of the pro-abortion forces in this case, that extreme has been clear from the beginning.  Whether it’s the attempt to hijack the legislature while attempting to pass a popular bill, chanting “Hail Satan” at pro-life demonstrators, or bringing urine, feces, and tampons (and bricks) to throw at elected officials, the opposition to this bill has managed to make themselves look like absolute nutcases at every turn, but their extremism is worse than it looks.  They’re clearly uninterested in democracy; they want to intimidate the majority with violence and disgusting tactics from the minority.  They’re proto-dictators with bad taste, at the least.

Don’t think that this experience won’t stick in the minds of Americans, either. The pro-abortion activist front may have set back their own cause by decades.  That’s good news for unborn children — and also for people who love representative democracy.

And for people who want to know where the MSM stands on the issue. Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, more and more journalists admitted they were taking sides, culminating in their declaring their advocacy for the candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008. Last night, the Associated Press evidently decided that it too was done feigning its objectivity as well.