Ed Driscoll

Civilization Collapses

“NJ Transit bus driver accused of lewd act,” New York’s WABC reports:

The bus driver for New Jersey Transit is facing criminal charges and was removed from his job.

A passenger with a camera caught the driver, 41-year-old George Simpson of Newark, in the middle of Lincoln Tunnel traffic and in the middle of this lewd act.

WARNING: The video and information below on what he was doing is graphic.

“She noticed he was performing a sex act on himself,” said Patrick Metz, an attorney.

Attorney Patrick Metz walked Eyewitness News through the cell phone video taken by his client as she commuted to New York City on a New Jersey Transit bus on June 25th.

“She was sitting directly opposite the bus driver in the first row of seats,” Metz said.

It was the evening commute and the driver was entering the Lincoln Tunnel with a packed bus.

“She videotaped this why?” Eyewitness News investigative reporter Sarah Wallace asked.

“The outrage, the danger he was putting the other passengers in and the other commuters, it is unspeakable,” Metz said, “She’s showing the other cars around. As you can see the walls of the tunnel are on the left side. And he’s continuing all the way through the tunnel totally exposed.”

Metz continued, “Now you can see he reaches for a handiwipe to address the situation.”

There’s accompanying video from the WABC news segment at the above link, which — fortunately for the sanity of all concerned — is heavily pixelated.