NYT: 'Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?'

Bethany Mandel of Commentary reads the Gray Lady so you don’t have to:

If there’s one thing that liberals seem uncomfortable with above all else, it’s the importance of personal responsibility. With many issues that divide the right and the left, most come down to conservatives’ understanding that a need exists for individuals to be accountable for their own actions. As conservatives, we believe it is important to plan and provide for our own health care, retirement and finances, and families. Liberals, however, believe that this responsibility rests also with the government and fellow citizens, hence their promotion of ObamaCare, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, and public housing in place of private and charitable solutions to genuine poverty.

In yesterday’s New York Times we witnessed a jaw-dropping example of this phenomenon as Laurie Shrage, a professor of “gender studies” argues that just because a man impregnates a woman doesn’t mean he should be legally considered his child’s father. Shrage contends that only when a man chooses to take on that mantle should he be legally and socially required to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood, especially as it pertains to financial obligations like child support.


What could go wrong? Oh yeah, there’s that.

Oh, and when you’re raising your* young tikes, avoid reading them samizdat that might expose them to “racist, colonial, consumerist, heteronormative, and patriarchal norms.”

Currently on the doubleplusungood list: Franklin the Turtle and Arthur the Aardvark.

* For the word “your,” read: “the state’s,” of course.


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