Ed Driscoll

Wasn't This a Scene in Blazing Saddles?

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

At 2:30 p.m. Lew and Nabors went to the Senate to meet with Reid and his chief of staff, David Krone.

We have an idea for the trigger,” Lew said.

“What’s the idea?” Reid asked skeptically. “Sequestration.”

— Bob Woodward of the Washington Post, The Price Of Politics, 2012, page 326.


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Politico’s Jennifer Epstein, as spotted at a post in Twitchy today titled, “At Naval Academy graduation, Obama vows to fight ‘foolish’ sequester cuts (that his admin came up with).”

As Twitchy notes, “Give it up already. The sequester? You built that, President Obama.” But apparently that won’t stop Obama from unintentionally (well, one hopes unintentionally) reliving this classic Mel Brooks moment. (Note: Language definitely NSFW obviously. Please address all complaints to Mel Brooks and/or Warner Brothers Pictures, a division of Time-Warner-CNN-HBO):

Or perhaps the cinematic comedy metaphor for the Obama administration is more of a Keystone cops caper, when even the JournoList, the president’s self-described “Non-Official Campaign” for election, re-election and basic professional survival is reduced to writing headlines this week such as, “Eric Holder Will Lead Investigation Into Journalist Warrant That He Approved.”

Update: Hell officially freezes over: “Sarah Palin says it’s time for Eric Holder to go … and Huffington Post and Tavis Smiley agree.” And so does the Obama fan club at Esquire, astonishingly enough. (Link safe, goes to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, who asks, “Did Eric Holder lie in Congressional testimony last week?”

As with his boss, wouldn’t it save time to simply ask when has Holder ever been honest?

Meanwhile, NBC demonstrates why it has fallen to number five in the ratings, as it continues to obfuscate on the White House’s behalf: NBC the television network fails to report its own Website’s scoop, that Holder approved investigating Fox News’ James Rosen.

NBC has now reached CNN territory: the only people watching CNN are trapped in airport departure lounges; the only people watching NBC are trapped in airplanes.

More: Oh, and speaking of the Blazing Saddles metaphor, “Obama Just Made Himself a Prisoner of His Own Gitmo Policy,”  Spencer Ackerman writes today at Wired.

Ackerman, you’ll recall, is the Journolist member who enjoyed declaring random conservative pundits racist and/or tossing them through plate glass windows.  His post’s URL is “detention-fubar,” a rather apropos description all around.