The Sun Officially Sets on the British Empire

Words, just words:

Last night Mr Cameron cut short his trip to Paris and described the assassination as ‘absolutely sickening’, insisting Britain will ‘never buckle’ in the face of terrorist attacks.


— The Prime Minister, as quoted by the Daily Mail in their initial report on the horrific Islamic terrorist attack on an unarmed British soldier in London yesterday.

Well at least Britain won’t be buckling its uniforms: “British troops told not to wear uniforms outside bases after yesterday’s attack in London,” Allahpundit reports today:

Hard to imagine a more demoralizing order for a soldier than to tell him to take off the uniform and hide after an enemy’s attack. And the powers that be know it: They’re stressing that the order’s temporary in order to blunt public indignation over their decision.

The twisted punchline here is that the victim yesterday wasn’t wearing a uniform. The two degenerates who murdered him apparently targeted him because they saw him entering or exiting a barracks. There’s the next move, presumably — evacuate the barracks nationwide until they’re safe. For soldiers.


Read the whole thing. Just as appeasement-oriented leftists created the perfect environment for Hitler to exploit in the 1930s, beginning in the 1980s, Jesse Jackson and other leftists began shouting “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go.”  And gone it just about has; multiculturalism and leftwing self-hatred and self-doubt has created the perfect opening for radical Islam to finish the job. And they’re well on their way.


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