The #Benghazi Hall of Shame has Multiple Wings

Just as the NFL’s Hall of Fame celebrates both the NFL and the AFL, this museum has multiple wings as well. Reason’s Matt Welch, whose post’s title inspired ours, has what is likely a (very) incomplete list of “the officials and commentators who inaccurately blamed a murderous attack at least in part on an obscure YouTube trailer.”


Meanwhile, Red Alert Politics lists “8 journalists who downplayed the Benghazi scandal.” Which again, is likely a very incomplete list, particularly given that it occurred as old media was getting ready to go all-in to get their candidate over the finish line. And while the Red Alert post lists individual journalists, there are also those institutions that downplayed the scandal.


And finally, Rich Lowry pens a reminder of “The Benghazi patsy,” who is still rotting in jail:

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula deserves a place in American history. He is the first person in this country jailed for violating Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.

You won’t find that anywhere in the charges against him, of course. As a practical matter, though, everyone knows that Nakoula wouldn’t be in jail today if he hadn’t produced a video crudely lampooning the prophet Muhammad.

Having run afoul of America’s de facto state religion, Nakoula likely won’t be the last.


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