Ed Driscoll

Lean Forward: NBC Explores the Madcap World of 'Crazy Vagina Politics'

“Something very rare and equally odd happened on MSNBC Friday,” Noel Sheppard writes at Newsbusters. “Not only did an anchor criticize President Barack Obama on the air — horrors! — All In host Chris Hayes also accused the current White House resident of engaging in what he called ‘crazy vagina politics.'”  Click over for the video and transcript, which features this incredible setup from Hayes:

CHRIS HAYES, HOST: Our politics will seemingly never stop going haywire when women’s reproductive rights are on the table. There is just a special universe of politics where the issue of control over women`s reproductive processes exists apart from regular rules of any other kind of politics. There is normal politics and then there’s crazy vagina politics.

And you can see the difference really clearly in the way this particular issue played out in this particular administration.

Watch this. You’re going to see two clips of the same president talking about science and medicine from two different political universes. The first is the normal political universe. The second is a crazy vaginal political universe.

As Ace noted yesterday, the NBC-owned cable network really is “Kindergarten for Bored, Angry Unemployed People.”

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