Backward Ran the Progress Until Reeled the Mind

The “Shadow of the Gun” is the latest topic explored by Daniel Greenfield at his Sultan Knish blog:

The gun-control activists drew the wrong lesson from Newtown as they drew the wrong lessons from WW2 and September 11. The lesson is not that weapons are bad, the lesson is that people in the grip of evil ideas are capable of unimaginable horrors regardless of the tools at their disposal. A single man can kill a classroom full of children with a gun and a few men can kill thousands with a few box cutters. It isn’t the tool that matters. It’s the man.

Unwishing the gun brings us back to the sword. Unwishing the sword brings us back to the spear. Unwishing the spear brings us back to the stone club. And what then? When every weapon that ever existed or will exist is undone, all that remains is the deadliest weapon of all. The mind of man.


Don’t worry — academia has Top Men hard at work attempting to empty out that as well.

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(Via Maggie’s Farm.)


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