Ed Driscoll

Name That Party, Special Gray Lady Edition

As spotted by Stacy McCain:

San Diego’s former mayor, Maureen O’Connor, is a liberal Democrat. But now that she’s been charged in a massive scandal — she stole more than $2 million from a charity established by her late husband, in order to fund a decade-long gambling binge – the New York Times somehow can’t bring itself to mention her partisan affiliation.

The local San Diego Union-Tribune can’t bring itself to mention O’Connor’s party either, but as Kate of Small Dead Animals spots, the paper is willing to opine that “Her career as a civic leader was impressive.”

Even more so were her losses:

Prosecutors said O’Connor had $1 billion in gambling winnings between 2000 and 2009 — her preferred game was video poker — but her losses during the same period exceeded that amount. Iredale said she had a net gambling loss of $13 million.

Prosecutors described her current financial condition as “destitute.” At one time, her fortune was $40 million to $50 million, Iredale said.

Just a reminder, for those who didn’t grow up on the east coast, that the spectacular gambling addiction-fueled career implosion of former Philadelphia Eagles owner Leonard Tose should be considered a warning, and not a how-to guide.