Ed Driscoll

In the Future, Everyone Will Have His Own Zapruder Film for 15 Minutes

Ladies and gentlemen, this is CNN:

Rubio himself had the perfect response to NBC’s Matt Lauer. As Moe Lane writes, “Marco Rubio’s turning the water thing into a schtick, which is exactly what you do to make third-party jokes about it seem… lame:”


But can a single drink of water end a political career? Matt Drudge’s dihydrogen monoxide-themed juxtaposition says…no:

Which may be why CNN is reduced to falling on its own “botched joke” sword, the left’s usual get out of jail free card, before more global warming-caused asteroids land on their heads.

During WWII, George Orwell noticed the propensity of fellow intellectuals to take the current events of the day and project them out to infinity. The Nazis won a battle? They’ve got WWII locked up. Imperial Japan took an island? The Pacific is theirs forever. (See also: Business Week in 1979 and “The Death of Equities.”) Somehow, I think “Marco Rubio took a drink of water” is pretty thin beer for the left to obsess on.

Oh and speaking of WWII-era metaphors, “Chris Matthews Bashes Rubio’s Response to State of the Union As ‘Primitive,’” and “Vicious libs call Marco Rubio ‘coconut,’ ‘Uncle Tom,’ tool for white GOP,” as spotted by Twitchy.

Huh. That sort of language reminds me of something

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