60 Minutes: Obama Versus Cantor

At the Corner, Eliana Johnson compares and contrasts, in both text and video form:

While legendary 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace called the notion of such bias “damn foolishness,” Steve Kroft’s interview with President Obama and Secretary Clinton might have shaken his belief. Television is both visual and auditory and bias is conveyed through intangible qualities like tone and body language as much as through the substance of the questions posed in an interview.

Because so much of an audience’s reaction hinges on these intangibles, it’s useful to compare last night’s interview with another, the one the program conducted last year with House majority leader Eric Cantor. I’ve put a number of clips from the two interviews side-by-side above.


Read the whole thing. And then swing over to Newsbusters, where frequent PJM contributor Tom Blumer adds, “Recall that Kroft is the scurrilous sap who let then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton come onto 60 Minutes 21 years ago (video is here) and lie about not having had an affair with Gennifer Flowers in front of his wife and the nation, while wife Hillary stood by her man while pretending she wasn’t doing a Tammy Wynette imitation.”

Every day, Dan Rather must wake up and wonder why on earth CBS parted ways with him.

Related: At the Daily Caller, Mark Judge believes that the fault lies not in our media stars, but in ourselves: “The media is corrupt, but so are we.”

More: From Stacy McCain, an “‘Arab Spring’ Update: Foreign News the Media Doesn’t Want to Ask Obama About.”



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