Ed Driscoll

You're the Dog Now, Man

Code word detected:

Virginia senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat, told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Thursday morning that a fellow senator’s recently announced effort to “nullify” Barack Obama’s executive actions on gun control is a “code word.”

When asked about Kentucky Republican Rand Paul’s pledge to nullify the president’s actions, Kaine said, “Nullification is a code word.” O’Brien asked Kaine to explain what he meant by that.

“It’s a states right argument that gets used in times of great controversy,” Kaine said. “The president is acting by executive power that is legally conferred on him. And as you pointed out, you went over these executive orders. They’re basic, common sense things mostly geared around information.”

O’Brien tried again to clarify. “Right, but when you say nullify is a ‘code word,’ usually there’s some end game to the code,” she said. “So what’s being said?”

“We’ll see what it is,” Kaine said. “But the notion that we’re going to nullify a presidential action when the President is acting pursuant to law, you know, that’s just kind of this anti-government rhetoric that I’m surprised to hear somebody in government using.”

Yeah, that’s never happened before. But remember, if you’re hearing dog whistles, you’re the dog.

Related: Meanwhile, at Newsbusters, a look at the latest edition of the Morton Downey Morgan Show: “Despite Piers Morgan’s consistent advocacy, CNN’s own polls show support for certain gun laws down from a month ago. That didn’t stop Morgan from targeting two female gun rights advocates on his Wednesday night show, asking absurd questions, constantly interrupting them, and throwing a juvenile hissy fit.”

The transcript reads like a Soviet show trial led by a judge with a British accent. IngSoc, you might say.

And speaking of various forms of socialism, “The use of children in politics — if you find it persuasive, you’d better sharpen up.”