Ed Driscoll

God and Manti at Notre Dame

Want to get up to speed on the crazy and convoluted Manti Te’o story? The Daily Caller proffers an 11-step slideshow to help you decipher what’s currently known.

When you’re done there, check out Allahpundit at Hot Air: “Video: Manti Te’o told media his girlfriend died of cancer two days after he allegedly knew it was a hoax:”

It’s interesting to me how some of my friends think this is a giant yawn of a scandal and others are hanging on every twist. If you’re in group one, no need to read further. If you’re in group two, click the image below and watch.

Finally, as a result of all this,  here’s former Cowboys draftmaster Gil Brandt saying that, as Yahoo paraphrases, “Te’o’s draft stock could plummet further:”

Here’s the real story: Manti Te’o’s stock in the NFL draft already was sinking.

Blame his performance in the BCS title game, not any hoax or conspiracy, for that.

Still, the uncertainty surrounding Notre Dame’s All-American linebacker could further hurt his draft stock, NFL draft consultant Gil Brandt said.

Brandt called the story ”something I have never witnessed” in his half-century in pro football.

And as anybody familiar with the history of the Tom Landry-era Cowboys knows, Brandt’s witnessed — and been in the midst of — some crazy stuff in his time.