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I'm Saul Alinsky, and I Approve This Message

"New James O’Keefe video: Anti-gun journalists refuse to display ‘proudly gun free’ yard signs."

And more fun here: "Boo hoo: Touré whines that O’Keefe disrespected him by including him in exposé of anti-gun hypocrites."

As Ace writes, "We've passed the exit from the highway about whether or not this is still a fiscally conservative country (we're not) but we're at a crossroad about whether or not to still be a republic or not. We either make the elites live by the rules they impose on the rest of us or we give up the game entirely. "

Which brings us back to the headline above, and Rule #5.

Related: Morton Downey Morgan continues to keep staying as classy as the collective Time-Warner-CNN-HBO brand name itself.

 Update: Jim Treacher adds, "From Dec. 27: MSNBC’s Toure and Steve Kornacki defend publishing gun owner’s names and addresses. Yeah, but that’s different because shut up."