Ed Driscoll

CNN Lays Down a Marker

As Ace writes, “CNN is behaving in a very MSNBC-like fashion,” with its producers denigrating Ben Shapiro after he defenestrated Morton Downey Morgan:

CNN is behaving in a very MSNBC-like fashion as its producers are now denigrating Ben Shapiro — an invited guest, invited by the network to do precisely what he did, that is, offer a reasoned and strong defense of gun rights — as a lunatic, simply because he damaged their dubious Musket Morgan brand by showing him up.

CNN is laying down its policy: Anyone who effectively disputes its foppish idiot version of Jerry Springer will be subject to a negative publicity campaign by its “objective newsman” staffers. (Also: CNN is offering l’esprit d’escalier on behalf of their purple-bruised star employee, or “staircase wit” — “The jerkstore just called, and it’s all out of you. The winner of a debate doesn’t need third parties to rush in and make collateral attacks on the other guy.)

A few years back CNN announced its big attempt at brand differentiation from the other cable networks: It would offer more objective “hard reporting” and less partisan shouting and political theater.

But it’s now putting all its chips on a disgraced former tabloid editor and Reality TV show whore. And what’s even stranger is that Piers Morgan’s ratings are very low and is show is always on the bubble of possible cancellation.

Which should tell you something about CNN’s politics, in case you weren’t quite sure about them. Because I guarantee you CNN would not be straining to prop up a right-leaning carnival barker who was getting abysmal ratings and losing the company money.

Recall that for a time, CNN had Glenn Beck on the payroll to siphon away viewers from Fox, before alienating him:

Do you know what a pariah I was? The [CNN] management  was always very good, but going around what I called ‘the pit of despair,’ the people in the newsroom that are just typing…

I was walking through the newsroom one time and [a reporter] looked up and said, ‘yuhhck!’

I said, ‘That’s not necessary.’ And she said, ‘Oh, you expect it.’ And I said, ‘I do — and isn’t that sad?’

Fortunately, it worked out well for all concerned. Beck now has an estimated 80 million dollar net worth, and CNN has…

OK, fortunately, it all worked out well for some concerned.