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Sex and the Gotham City on the Edge of Forever

The following video is a warning, not a how-to guide. Or as I wrote last month, "Man’s Crisis of Identity in the 21st Century — Now Neatly Summed Up in Video Form:"

[embed width="350"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCjMGOvMghY[/embed]

Similarly, Kathy Shaidle has a new post at the PJ Lifestyle blog on why "Grown Men Don’t Read Comic Books:"

If you think I was too harsh on Christmas and families and Christmas-with-families last week, consider this:

On one of these recent holiday outings, I was obligated to spend three painful hours with a young man who:

* Was wearing boardshorts and flipflops (in December)

* Didn’t greet us when we arrived or say goodbye when we left

* First whine-ily refused to eat dinner, then, with a heavy sigh, slammed some food on a plate and went back to watching a Home Alone marathon, leaving the rest of us, including his elderly grandmother, at the dining room table. (“He’s busy downloading some computer games,” his mother meekly explained.)

* Was completely silent for the entire evening — except twice: first, he sprang to life at the mention of The Hobbit and lectured us about those 44 frames per second. (“If you can’t handle 3D, stay home.”)

* Second, when my husband mentioned our new favorite burger joint, the kid piped up that it was “s*it” because they “serve American cheese.” (Had the same cheese been called “Tibetan,” I guarantee he’d have asked for two slices.)

Now some of your are saying:

“Kathy, it sounds like you were a pretty petulant, taciturn teenager, too. Give the boy a break!”

Oh, sorry:

Did I forget to mention this “boy” is 33 years old?

At that “boy’s” age, Jesus had risen from the dead.

This unemployed man-child lives with his mommy and daddy and can barely rise from the couch.

Brutal stuff, but as Kathy writes, "They’re boors and they’re bores. And everyone reading this knows at least one of these 'kids.' They are legion."

As to why they are legion:

I expect to hear from more than a few men that their incentive to better themselves, and thereby attract a marriageable young woman, is non-existent.

Between the easy availability of porn, the high cost of divorce and the reported paucity of non-slutty, non-shallow females on the market, why bother?

A “life” wasted debating the niceties of the “Prime Directive” with other male geeks is, when viewed from that perspective, actually quite rational.

There's also another reason: as an alternative to comic books, superhero movies,  and sci-fi geek culture such as Star Wars and Star Trek, Kathy suggests studying American history. But ever since so much of that past has been declared anathema by the academy, who view history as little more than groups of racist, imperialist white men tolchocking other groups of racist, imperialist white men for their land, geek culture has arisen to take its place. Rather than learn boring old American and Europen history, someone devoted to either of the major cinematic universes can happily spend hours upon hours searching through Wikipedia-style sites devoted to the technical minutia and "history" of the United Federation of Planets and Palpatine's Galactic Empire. (The latter carbon dated both pre- and post-"Battle of Yavin," for the Star Wars universe's equivalent of the Gregorian Calendar -- something that's also under attack in the academy.)