'Earlier Than I Thought'

“Ed Koch: Obama Reneging On Support for Israel ‘Earlier Than I Thought,'” Nathaniel Botwinick notes at the Corner:

In an interview today with Algemeiner, former New York City mayor Ed Koch, who often serves as a surrogate for Jewish Democrats, expressed his disappointment with Obama for picking Chuck Hagel:

“Frankly, I thought that there would come a time when he would renege on what he conveyed on his support of Israel,” said Koch, adding, “it comes a little earlier than I thought it would.”

“It’s very disappointing, I believe he will ultimately regret it,” Koch said, “and it undoubtedly will reduce support for him in the Jewish community, but I don’t think he (the President) worries about that now that the election is over.”

“I’m sure that the Arabs are drinking orange juice and toasting Hagel’s good health,” Koch said.

“I believe it will encourage the Iranian program. I believe it will encourage the jihadists. They will say ‘ah, we are winning the battle. America is beginning to desert Israel,’” he added.

Asked if he had an idea as to why the President selected Hagel, Koch said, “If I wanted to be Dr. Freud, I’d open up an office. I don’t know.”


Ponder that for a few moments: Koch endorsed Obama in both 2008 and 2012, even though he apparently knew he would eventually “renege on what he conveyed on his support of Israel.”

Or to put it another way, the people have spoken, and now they must be punished.


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