Ed Driscoll

Light and Humorous

“Geometry teacher who compared student’s Romney t-shirt to KKK garb faces lawsuit,” the Daily Caller reports:

The suit seeks damages for emotional distress because the teacher defamed [16-year-old Philadelphia teenager Samantha Pawlucy] by suggesting that she was a racist and because the district allowed students who disagreed with Pawlucy’s political views to harass her.

A representative for the school district wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit, the Inquirer notes.

On Oct. 10, Pawlucy was greeted by a throng of supporters when she returned to school.

Not everyone championed her cause, however. Pawlucy told the Inquirer that the furor caused her to lose friends. She also received threats via Facebook.

Pawlucy called herself resilient through it all. ”(I’ve learned) to stand up for myself,” the teen said, according to the Daily Mail. “Don’t let people tell me that what I’m doing is wrong.”

At the request of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers as well as school officials, [geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon] issued an apology to Pawlucy after the incident.

Gaymon’s mea culpa said she was “very sorry for all of the chaos and negative attention that has surrounded our school in the past couple of weeks,” according to the Daily Mail. She also suggested that she had intended her KKK comparison to be “light and humorous.”


Which has to be the ultimate example of the left’s “botched joke” get out of jail free mulligan — even though, as fellow lefty Jon Stewart reminded them back in 2010, liberalism’s race card is now entirely maxed out.

(As is — “unexpectedly” — their collective amnesia.)

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