Ed Driscoll

Man’s Crisis of Identity in the 21st Century — Now Neatly Summed Up in Video Form, Part Deux

Happy Fourth of July from your friends at GE, Comcast, Universal, and NBC!

“The land on which they [the Founders] formed this Union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class….This is the imperfect fabric of our nation, at times we’ve torn and stained it, and at other moments, we mend and repair it. But it’s ours, all of it. The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery, also the liberation and the hope and the deeply American belief that our best days still lie ahead of us.”

— MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on her eponymous July 1 program, delivering what she called “my footnote for the Fourth of July.”


Her footnotes for Mr. Obama’s “You didn’t build that” Kinsley-esque gaffe explore similar ground. Or as I described them back in September, “From Shirtsleeves to Hair Shirt in Three Generations.”

In 2011, AP reported that “U.S. students don’t know much about American history.” Unexpectedly!

Entirely unrelated: “ABC and CBS Skip News of Tim Scott’s Historic Senate Appointment.” 

Let no good news about America go reported.

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