'The First Ad of 2014' Will Look Very Much Like the First Ad of 1992

“The tax seduction” is the topic Matt Lewis explores at the Daily Caller, aka, “Why Republicans should think twice before breaking the pledge:”


A trend is emerging. Republican opinion leaders are increasingly open to the possibility of raising taxes. The idea is gaining steam.

For example, Bill Kristol has endorsed raising taxes on millionaires. The DC Examiner’s Conn Carroll writes that, “just giving President Obama what he wants on rates, and then going home, could be the best possible fiscal cliff outcome.”

And most recently, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said he would support tax hikes in exchange for entitlement reform.

This, of course, would seem to provide a bit of cover for nervous Republican Members of Congress who are looking to cut a deal in order to avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

They may live to regret it. Like George H.W. Bush’s “read my lips” reversal, a vote to raise taxes could become a defining moment for some Republicans.

Hugh Hewitt writes the likely script for “The first ad of 2014:”


“This is Congressman ____.  You elected him in November.  He promised to never raise your taxes.  Never.

But yesterday, less than two months after you elected him, he did raise ytour taxes.  It took him less than two months to forget his promise to you.

Except he didn’t forget.  He knew he was breaking his promise. He said things had changed.  Two months after you voted for him.

Congressman _____lied to you. He broke his word.  Why bother listening to anything he says at all?  You can’t trust Congressman _____.  You just can’t.

“The Democratic National Committee paid for this ad,” Hugh writes, and, as Lewis implies at the Daily Caller, already has:


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