Interview: Victor Davis Hanson on the 2012 Presidential Election

Another interview taken from the 2012 National Review Cruise, as Victor Davis Hanson dropped by on Saturday to discuss the election, the culture, and the dissipated state of California. During this wide-ranging 13-minute interview, recorded poolside in the “Monte Carlo” cabana of the MS Nieuw Amsterdam as she sailed back to Fort Lauderdale, FL, VDH discussed:


● How both sides of the aisle are trapped in their own media cocoons.

● Are conservatives “Going Galt” by tuning out the pop culture?

● How the left is living on the fumes of California’s great wealth, which they inherited, and then squandered.

● What causes a culture to lose faith in its future?

● How the news media became America’s equivalent of 1984’s Ministry of Truth.

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