Ed Driscoll

Welcome Back Carter, Redux

“Carter 1980 man on the street ad attacking Reagan for his ‘shoot from the hip’ comments,” as spotted by Phillip Klein of the Washington Examiner — though at least Carter had to resort to “men on the street” saying such things; Obama has his own Revolutionary Guard his campaign staff puts words into.

Speaking of which, elsewhere at the Examiner, “Obama compares his campaign volunteers to embassy staff killed in Libya:”

President Obama told his campaign volunteers in Nevada that he is “really proud” of them after comparing them to the U.S. ambassador and embassy staff murdered in Libya.

“And obviously [our] hearts are broken for the families but I wanted to encourage those folks at the State Dept. that they were making a difference,” Obama told volunteer leaders in Las Vegas, according to the pool report. “The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically but like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing….I’m just really proud of you.”

As Jim Treacher Tweets, “If you’re one of the wingnuts who thinks @BarackObama is totally disconnected from reality, read [the above] & be vindicated.”

“Good night, George Orwell. Even you couldn’t have written the last two days,” Treacher adds.