The Not Ready for Primetime Chevy Volt

At the turn of the 20th century, “progressive” philosopher William James coined the phrase, “The Moral Equivalent of War” to justify an all-encompassing socialism. But blending The Moral Equivalent of War with the real thing was once exclusively reserved for satire, at least in America:


Michael Dukakis (Jon Lovitz): There’s my friend Leroy Neiman. Let’s go see what Leroy’s doing. [approaches Leroy, who’s painting a mural] Hello, Leroy. That’s great. It’s great. What do you call it?

Leroy Neiman (Kevin Nealon): Governor, I call this “What Might Have Been.” It shows the nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz after its conversion into a floating shelter for the homeless.

Michael Dukakis: Well, it’s beautiful, Leroy.

Leroy Neiman: Thank you.

Michael Dukakis: I think it’s right up there with the Olympic Moment series that you did for Burger King.

— From Saturday Night Live’s “Dukakis After Dark” sketch, November 5th, 1988.

Flash-forward to today:

“The Pentagon is buying Chevrolet Volts to help ‘green up’ the military—while propping up sales of the bailed-out automaker’s most politicized car.”

“The Great Green Car Fleet,” the Washington Free Beacon, today.

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