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Or whatever its current version is called: “Howard Kurtz, Rick Klein, other media squee: Obama is ‘rising above,’ totally meant to give lame DNC speech,” Twitchy notes.


So in other words, last night, Obama went out and recorded the equivalent of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music album: look, the suits all say I owe the record company a new album. My contract says I owe the record company an album. So I’m going to record an album for them. But nowhere does it say it has to be a good album.

(Actually, it’s far worse than Metal Machine Music — it’s Artisanal Crunchy Organic Granola Infused Pablum.)

Rounding up the winners and losers from the convention, Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary includes Joe Biden among…the winners?

Joe Biden: Who would have bet that the blundering, bloviating vice president would give a better-received speech than the president? Biden went on way too long, blew some big lines and shouted more than he needed to. But he also gave Democrats exactly what they wanted. While he remains a strange mixture of national joke/partisan attack dog, he still knows how to talk to Democrats and his party is grateful.

And Obama among the losers:

Barack Obama: The president is the victim of the heights to which his 2004 and 2008 convention speeches soared. But even though he is held to an impossibly high standard, his acceptance speech was nothing more than a well-delivered dud. In retrospect the awful jobs report numbers that his audience wouldn’t hear until the next morning, but which he already knew, may have influenced his performance. But whether that is true or not, as I wrote last night, there’s no doubt that the hope and change messiah of 2008 has left the building.


It’s one thing for John McCain to get blown out by Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican Convention in 2008 — he was old and tired, and she was new and fresh and energetic, and the audience — and even the MSM for that one night before they went into full-blown destruction mode — loved her. But the mediocre Biden was deliberately hired in 2008 to make Obama look more impressive in comparison.

In other words, if your opening act is Joe Biden, and he’s rocking the house better than you are — you may be in trouble.

(Or, short-term, maybe not.)


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