Ed Driscoll

Video: Obama promises Janesville GM Plant will be here for 100 Years

As spotted by Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

Last week, I wrote extensively about the risible and embarrassing “fact checks” applied to Paul Ryan’s convention speech regarding his recollection of Barack Obama’s promise to Janesville to keep the plant open for another hundred years, but Phil Kerpen has managed to dig up the video of the event.  Read my earlier post to refresh your memory of that media failure, and then watch Obama do exactly what Ryan said he did — tell the people at the GM plant in Janesville that his plan would usher in a clean-energy economy that would keep the plant slated for shuttering open for another 100 years:

Incidentally, watching the video, either Teleprompter XD-35 — and/or the person reading the speech programmed into it — wasn’t having a very….good…day…that…….day, given the……pauses in Obama’s speech big enough to drive a Chevy Volt through.