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Fact-checking the Factcheckers on Ryan and Janesville

Speaking of two news services in one, at Commentary’s Contentions blog, Alana Goodman spots AP with a serious case of schizophrenia:

The Associated Press and other fact-checkers are insisting that the line about the Janesville GM factory in Paul Ryan’s speech last night was inaccurate — and once again, the fact-checkers are wrong. Here’s the AP’s allegation against Ryan:

RYAN: Said Obama misled people in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wis., by making them think a General Motors plant there threatened with closure could be saved. “A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at that GM plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: ‘I believe that if our government is there to support you … this plant will be here for another hundred years.’ That’s what he said in 2008. Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year.”

THE FACTS: The plant halted production in December 2008, weeks before Obama took office and well before he enacted a more robust auto industry bailout that rescued GM and Chrysler and allowed the majority of their plants — though not the Janesville facility — to stay in operation. Ryan himself voted for an auto bailout under President George W. Bush that was designed to help GM, but he was a vocal critic of the one pushed through by Obama that has been widely credited with revitalizing both GM and Chrysler.

The AP might want to check back on its own reporting on the plant closure, starting with this article from April 19, 2009, headlined “GM plant in Janesville to close for good this week.”


As Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air, “Seems like fact checkers need to do some fact checking of their own assumptions,” and including a video from a local news agency that referenced the Janesville plant closing in mid-2009:

At Big Journalism, John Nolte adds, “Era of Media Fact Checkers Intimidating Republicans Is Over:”

Because Breitbart is everywhere, We The People said “enough.”

It was like an explosion, really.

On Twitter and at sites like Hot Air, NRO, Red State, and Townhall, the pushback was sharp, immediate, and in-your-face. This pushback started immediately after Ryan’s speech and 14 hours later it still rages.

Other than Twitter, there are other high points: Guy Benson not only dismantled the fact checkers’ GM lies, he dismantled all the lies about Ryan’s speech the “fact-checkers” told last night. Jennifer Rubin went so far as to slam her own employer.

Yes, this is a turning point.

To his great credit, our nominee Mitt Romney was ahead of this curve in refusing to cave (as John McCain often did) to these Obama-worshipping propagandists. Drop dead, Romney told the media fact checkers, and he did so publicly.

Never again will these left-wing hacks have an impact on American politics beyond being just another Democrat Talking Point Machine like every other “objective” media outlet. Never again will Republican candidates cower before these liars.

This is huge loss for the corrupt media. And they know it. But they Kamikazee’d themselves for Obama and only have themselves to blame.

Yep, the jig is up. The mask has been removed. Media fact-checkers lie, they’ve always lied, and now everyone is calling them liars.

Today is a great day for truth and democracy.


No matter what happens in November, there’s a deeply symbiotic relationship between a media that is increasingly dishonest as it contracts in viewers, and as Bill Whittle describes in his new Afterburner video, “The Incredible Shrinking Man:”

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