Bob is a Racist (Updated)

(Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

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Update (4:00 PM PDT): I’m bumping this post up to the top, because the above video perfectly demonstrates the MSM’s double-standard, vis-a-vis the MSM’s entirely predictable freakout over Mitt’s birth certificate zinger today. Or as Joel Pollak writes at Big Government:

As trumped-up as the birth certificate issue was–and it began in the Clinton camp, not among Republicans–it became a reminder of the many facts about Obama that remain hidden and unknown. Obama’s campaign has tried to turn the tables, pushing Romney to release more of his tax returns and accusing him of being “the most secretive candidate…since Richard Nixon.” But Obama surpasses even Nixon for opacity.

Apparently, though Romney is now being pilloried by MSNBC as a racist, it is permissible to joke about Obama’s birth certificate–but only if you donate to Obama. The Obama campaign website is selling coffee mugs emblazoned with the birth certificate and the slogan: “Made in the USA.” The site goes on to encourage Obama supporters: “…we might as well laugh at it — and make sure as many people as possible are in on the joke.”

It’s worth a good laugh–even (gasp!) at Obama’s expense–and Romney was wise to enjoy it, to put Obama’s pretense at transparency in perspective. No, he was not questioning Obama’s eligibility for office. He was pointing to the fact that Americans still do not trust Obama–not because of his origins or race, but because of his deceitful conduct. He promised to lead. He promised to unite. He didn’t just fail–he did, and is doing, exactly the opposite.


Pollak has seen exactly how this double-standard works on MSNBC-wannabe CNN.

As Ace writes today, “If the choice is between Rape!!! and Birth Certificate, isn’t it better to talk about Obama’s Birth Certificate? Neither is what Romney wants to talk about, but the press is determined to only report on irrelevancies; so give them one that doesn’t much hurt you.”

Which makes sense — when faced with a headwind of Alinsky Rule #13 against Todd Akin (and while what Akin said was incandescently stupid, you knew the Obama/MSM left would glom onto something and pick the target, freeze the target and polarize it going into the week of the Republican Convention), why not neutralize it with a little Rule #6 of your own?


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