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Now is the time at Ed Driscoll.com when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

“NBC WH Correspondent Chuck Todd Admits: ‘We in the media have done a terrible job at covering the economy. We have done a terrible job.'”


— Headline, Jammie Wearing Fools blog yesterday.

New claims for unemployment benefits took an unexpected jump in the latest week, raising more concerns about the struggling job market and providing further incentive for the Federal Reserve to jump in and help the economy.

NBC News today, which adds to their “unexpected” surprise with their headline: “New jobless claims take surprise jump.”

For journalists in the tank covering the Obama administration, life really is just one Forrest Gump-like surprise after another, isn’t it?

A screencap appears at the top of this post, in case the “unexpected” disappears, which often happens to Bloomberg News’ frequent use of the U-word, as soon as they’re called on it by the Blogosphere. At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey also spots Reuters breaking out the U-word as well today.

By the way, I’m sure it’s purely an unexpected coincidence as well that Mitt Romney’s name never appears in the above NBC article; he’s simply referred to as “The data keeps pressure on President Barack Obama ahead of his November re-election bid. His Republican challenger is trying to focus voters’ attention on a lofty unemployment rate that has dogged Obama’s presidency.”


Better talk to your boys in the newsroom again Chuck, the message hasn’t sunk in yet.

In the meantime, they might want to take a look at this chart.

Update: Hugh Hewitt’s Townhall column focuses on “The Shame of the Manhattan-Beltway Media Elites.” Meanwhile, a commenter notes the phrasing in the NBC article — the “lofty unemployment rate that has dogged Obama’s presidency.”

Contrast today’s “funemployment,” which “dogs Obama’s presidency,” compared to how the media covers unemployment when a Republican president is in office, when it’s symptom of the deep Dickensian horrors the president is bringing to the land.

Related: “Worried that people won’t believe what their own experience tells them is not true, the Obama campaign deploys an experienced liar.”

Only one?


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