It Might Not Get Loud

Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen go unplugged in London — and not by choice, the Telegraph reports:

Steven Van Zandt, a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, has accused England of becoming “police state” after “The Boss” and Sir Paul McCartney were silenced for breaching a council curfew at Hard Rock Calling.

Van Zandt, 61, who has also stared in cult US drama series The Sopranos, aired his frustration at the gig’s premature ending at the concert in Hyde Park, central London on Saturday night.

Organisers said it was “unfortunate” that the performance was stopped at the end but insisted the curfew was put in place for to help protect “public health and safety”.

The decision, however, sparked outrage amongst fans while Van Zandt took to Twitter to accuse England of becoming a “police state”.


Both McCartney and Springsteen have championed bigger and bigger governments virtually all of their adult lives; funny how they only complain when it impacts their jobs.


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