Slow Burn: Elizabeth Warren's Five Minute Gap

Well, it’s not a full Nixonian 18-minutes, but then, as the “Feiler Faster Thesis” popularized by Mickey Kaus reminds us, everything in today’s political world moves faster. But still, it took agonizingly long full five minutes for Elizabeth Warren to respond to the first question asked of her by a friendly audience in a local live chat:


Elizabeth Warren cannot escape the public’s questions about her claims to Native American ancestry. A live chat today demonstrates how deeply the issue has permeated the campaign dialogue.

On the local Massachusetts community news, Elizabeth Warren participated in a live chat where the site invited readers to ask questions of the Democratic Senate candidate.

The first question the moderator put through to Warren cut straight to the question of her claims to Native American ancestry:

“Although there is a relatively small number of Mass. voters of Native American descent, do you feel you have addressed their concerns about your own statements involving your heritage?”

Warren, who took five minutes to respond, failed to address the question itself, instead reiterating her familiar description of her Native American ancestry claims.

As Anne Sorock of William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection blog writes, “The fact that the moderator of the livechat felt the need to put through a question about the Indian issue demonstrates how deeply Warren’s minority claims have permeated the campaign discussion.”


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