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Interview: Roger Kimball on The Fortunes of Permanence

“The history of philosophy can be divided into two different periods. During the first, philosophers sought the truth; during the second, they fought against it.”

— Jean-François Revel (1924-2006), French journalist and philosopher, as quoted in The Fortunes of Permanence.

Roger Kimball, my fellow PJ Media columnist and publisher of the New Criterion magazine and Encounter Books, stopped by recently to discuss his latest book, The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia. During our interview, Roger expounds on:

  • Present-Tense Culture: What happens to a culture that has not only submerged its past, but is doing its damndest to bury it permanently?
  • The left-wing etymology of the word “ideology.”
    How postwar-American modern architecture was able to minimize its prewar socialist past.
  • How Rudyard Kipling and James Burnham became historical unpersons.
  • The progressive paradox of colonialism.
  • The future of socialism: Over 60 years ago, George Orwell responded to the horrors of socialism by asking, “where is the omelet?” Since, England, Greece and California are all in dire fiscal straits, and we know that there’s no omelet being cooked up, where does America go from here?

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