Ed Driscoll

'If the Academics Ran America, What Would Happen?'

As spotted by Jack Dunphy at Ricochet, David Gelernter, a Yale professor and the author of the new book America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered In the Obamacrats) responded to the above question from a caller to the Dennis Prager radio show, “Look around you:”

You would have people graduating from high school and from college who know no American history, who have no concept of what this nation is for and what it achieved, who have no concept of what the nation stands for, why it should inspire them, why they should take care of it, why it’s any different from Denmark or Norway or Portugal.  You’d have students graduating with no grasp of literature, having barely glanced at any of the great and deep artistic and spiritual traditions of the West.  You’d have students graduating in this country that emerged from the Bible, this biblical republic, who’ve never opened the Bible in their lives and who’ve been taught that it is toxic.  You’d have students emerging from colleges like Yale with ideas that families as traditionally constituted are the problem and that the sooner we can do away with them the better, and that heterosexuality is one random choice on a very long and growing list.  Look around you and you can see exactly what would happen.  It has happened and it’s a tragedy.

And in a real sense, the academics are attempting to run America, no matter how ancient their worldview.

(Via Maggie’s Farm, which loads more for links for your perusal, here.)

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