Ed Driscoll

To Boldly Go Where No 'Bam Has Gone Before

Alana Goodman of Commentary writes that Mitt Romney will be visiting Israel as part of his campaign this summer putting Mr. Obama on the defensive about his discomfort with the nation that he’s very publicly avoided visiting during his term in office:

Prominent Democratic donors have criticized President Obama for avoiding Israel during his first term, despite his trips to other countries in the region. Even Vladimir Putin traveled to the Jewish state this summer, which made Obama’s failure to visit even more obvious.

Members of Romney’s own campaign have been quietly grumbling that the candidate spends very little time focused on foreign policy. The Israel trip will give Romney a chance to broach some of these issues, while also putting the Obama campaign on defense. If there’s one subject Obama wants to talk about less than the economy, it’s his rocky relationship with Netanyahu.

Oh, you mean the Depression the economy is in, according to that notoriously right wing neocon conservative rethuglican death beast…Henry Waxman?!

On the other hand, there are even worse things for Obama to talk about than their dire relationship with both Israel and the economy. As Howard Portnoy writes at Hot Air, “If you need an indication of how much of a headache the Supreme Court ruling has been for Team Obama, consider that many of his surrogates are now attempting to change the subject … to the economy. When the Obamans are willing to discussing that lose-lose topic, you know they’re in trouble.”

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