Al Gore's Mansion Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Private detective capturing a photo suspiciously from around a corner while using a retro camera

Now is the time we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:

— Headline, Newsbusters, June 25, 2012.

  • “In full view of bemused tourists and other passers-by, workers yesterday performed what looked like a comedy routine: They hoisted a standard room air conditioner to a side window of one of [Mayor Bloomberg’s] SUVs parked in the City Hall lot to see if it would fit.”

— The New York Post, June 27th: “Mayor rigs wacky A/C to keep his SUV chilled,” found via Doug Powers of Michelle

Related: “Air conditioning killed the Catskills — but still provides dose of humor.”

Update (7/1/12): Welcome Glenn Reynolds’ readers; and don’t miss his link to a recent post by Walter Russell Mead, who notes that “air conditioning in warm regions uses far less energy than heating in cold regions.” As Mead writes, “So if you want to help save the planet, move out of Vermont and get yourself to Alabama where people know how to live in harmony with Mother Gaia.”

Do it for Gaia — and your own mental health.


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