Breaking News from 1933

“German Court Declares Judaism A Crime,” Walter Russell Mead writes:

Hard to believe, but that’s what the decision handed down by the regional court in Cologne, Germany means: circumcising a child under the age of consent is a crime, notwithstanding the religious beliefs of the parents.

Many judges who loyally served the Third Reich finished their careers in perfect peace and quiet after World War Two; in some cases, they are still collecting pensions for administering Hitler’s laws. However, Germany’s moral sensibilities are so refined and so pure today that the thought of Jewish parents (or Muslims for that matter) performing an immemorial religious rite is unacceptable.

Jews believe that the circumcision of infants is a necessary act; the command to circumcise male children at the age of eight days is the first command that God gives Abraham to mark their covenant; for thousands of years this has been a foundation of Jewish life. To ban infant circumcision is essentially to make the practice of Judaism illegal in Germany; it is now once again a crime to be a Jew in the Reich.


Well, we shouldn’t have been surprised at how well Monster Mohel and Foreskin Man translate (back) into German. But as with the attempt at banning circumcision last year in San Francisco, a city with the lowest number of children of any major city in America, this bill comes as Germany’s demographic decline continues to accelerate apace — as the eco-anschluss marches on.


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