It's Always Planting Season at CNN

“CNN Allows Immigration Activist to Pose As ‘Undocumented College Student” to attack Romney, Larry O’Connor notes:

Meet Mayra Hidalgo.  She was introduced yesterday to the CNN viewing audience as a “student” who happened to question Gov. Mitt Romney after his speech to Latinos in Florida. She made for great television for CNN because Ms. Hidalgo asked Romney to explain his position on illegal immigration and the DREAM Act. When the governor would not pander to her, she bolted to the nearest camera crew she could find to explain how terrified she was for her future if Romney were elected. CNN more than obliged. CNN actually reported on Hidalgo twice yesterday, each time referring to her merely as an “undocumented college student.”

A little digging has revealed that this isn’t the first time CNN has obliged Ms. Hidalgo. In fact, a few months ago, she was not just a student in the crowd at an event. A few months ago, CNN profiled her as the poster child for the DREAM Act.


The above video of the 2008 GOP debate CNN hosted (produced, I believe by our own Bryan Preston) is a reminder that it’s always planting season at CNN.


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