Ed Driscoll

Not Your Father's Republicans

I dunno — the Gipper could be pretty pugilistic when he wanted to be. But fortunately, Mitt Romney, at least in the early rounds, to borrow from John Hinderaker of Power Line, isn’t the second coming of John McCain, much to Obama’s handlers’ dismay. You could see it today, when Romney’s supporters in Boston shouted “Solyndra! Solyndra!” at a clearly flustered David Axelrod…while Romney was speaking simultaneously (or at least simultaneously enough to make for some awesome online juxtapositions) here on the left coast at Solyndra:


Romney’s aggressive approach is getting a lot of favorable notice. On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh praised Romney’s toughness:

I’m telling you this is not the McCain campaign. McCain had the left demanded that he distance himself from Trump, not only would have distanced himself he would have gone public and kicked Trump out of his campaign. And Romney did not do that. I gotta take a break. Romney did something else. There’s a Tweet here. Mitt Romney. Romney supporters drown out Axelrod press conference in Boston shouting “Five more months, five more months!” Axelrod showing up everywhere and he was in Boston and Romney voters showed up and shouted him down, “Five more months, five more months!” until we’re finished with you. …

That’s the way to run the campaign! So you got in Boston anti-Obama, anti-Axelrod protestors show up, “Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Five more months! Where are the jobs?”

Glenn Reynolds is impressed, too. He wrote today: “You know, I think I like the cut of this Romney fellow’s jib.”

Not your father’s Republicans, indeed. Romney and his team are ready to fight for a better America, and they are doing it every day. I hope you have joined them.


As Jonathan S. Tobin writes at Commentary, “Republicans Aren’t Rolling Over” — which makes for a refreshing change from 2008.

Update: As Jim Hoft writes at Gateway Pundit, “Mitt Promises Tit-for-Tat – Will Send His Supporters to Obama Rallies …Then He Does It.”

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