Ed Driscoll

Naomi Wolf: She Dissed a Girl, and Obama

And not just any girl, but Katy Perry, thus giving her pop career another 15-minute transfusion of life. Or as Fox News reports, “Writer Naomi Wolf urges boycott of Katy Perry video, calls it military propaganda:”

Katy Perry transforms herself into a U.S. Marine in her latest power-pop single, “Part of Me,” which addresses female empowerment and pays particular tribute to service women.

However, at least one media type doesn’t support Perry’s Marines shout-out.

Prominent feminist Naomi Wolf, author of “The Beauty Myth” and one of many who were arrested amid the Occupy Wall Street protests last year, is urging Americans to boycott the singer, labeling her video “a total piece of propaganda for the Marines.”

“I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it,” Wolf wrote on her Facebook page. “It is truly shameful… I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked – if you are as offended as this glorification of violence as I am.”

Why does Wolf hate Obama so, by trashing the Marines, and by implication, their civilian commander in chief? Besides, back in 2008, Naomi told me that if I voted for John McCain, “Sarah ‘Evita’ Palin” would usher in “the Rovian Police State” — and she was…

Well, meshuggeneh, quite frankly, as this Newsbusters post noted back then:

It sounds like the rabid rantings of some poor demented shlub posting at the Democratic Underground. Instead, it is Al Gore’s former fashion adviser, Naomi Wolf, indulging in sanity-challenged fantasies on her Huffington Post blog. The target of Wolf’s derangement is Sarah Palin and it is so over the top that one might suspect Wolf is an agent provocateur working for conservatives in order to discredit the left. Think I’m kidding? Check out this sampling of Wolf’s plunge off the political deep end (emphasis mine):

Please understand what you are looking at when you look at Sarah “Evita” Palin. You are looking at the designated muse of the coming American police state.

You have to understand how things work in a closing society in order to understand “Palin Power.” A gang or cabal seizes power, usually with an affable, weak figurehead at the fore. Then they will hold elections — but they will make sure that the election will be corrupted and that the next affable, weak figurehead is entirely in their control.

Um, thanks for letting us “understand” how things work, Naomi. And from here, she regales us with a strong dose of melodrama:

I realized early on with horror what I was seeing in Governor Palin: the continuation of the Rove-Cheney cabal, but this time without restraints. I heard her echo Bush 2000 soundbites (“the heart of America is on display”) and realized Bush’s speechwriters were writing her — not McCain’s — speeches. I heard her tell George Bush’s lies — not McCain’s — to the American people, linking 9/11 to Iraq. I heard her make fun of Barack Obama for wanting to prevent the torture of prisoners — this is Rove-Cheney’s enthusiastic S and M, not McCain’s, who, though he shamefully colluded in the 2006 Military Tribunals Act, is also a former prisoner of war and wrote an eloquent Newsweek piece in 2005 opposing torture. I saw that she was even styled by the same skillful stylist (neutral lipstick, matte makeup, dark colors) who turned Katharine Harris from a mall rat into a stateswoman and who styles all the women in the Bush orbit –but who does not bother to style Cindy McCain.

Of course, having gotten herself arrested this past October during an early “Occupy Wall Street” protest, perhaps in Naomi’s mind, she created a self-fulfilling prophesy, but somehow got the parties reversed. Or it was merely just another crazed HuffPo screed during an election year by a far left elitist practicing a century-old ideology whose intellectual limits were even then at their breaking point.