Mad Men: The Next Generation

At Big Hollywood, John Nolte writes, “Unlike De Niro, Tom Hanks Won’t Be Thrown Under the White House Bus,” and explains why the Tom Hanks at a fundraiser with a liberal investment banker in blackface will get zero traction in the MSM:


The Tom Hanks ‘Blackface, story, however, is a much bigger and better story. First off, there’s video from as recently as 2004. Secondly, it involves race. Finally, Hanks has close ties to the White House. These are three factors the media usually can’t turn away from — and yet they all but have.

The reason the corrupt media has apparently decided to ignore this story is because the corrupt media knows that this is the kind of story that could do real damage to Hanks, and the media simply can’t allow that to happen. Hanks is a huge, wealthy, left-wing movie star who finances and promotes the kind of left-wing causes the media loves (like Barack Obama). Plus, the media likes Tom Hanks, wants to bask in his approval, and are not going to do anything that might cost them his affection.

Click over to John’s post for his other two reasons. But what I found fascinating was his conclusion:

Up till now, and quite predictably, what coverage there has been of the Hanks’ “blackface” video has been obligatory. The only effort going into the story is the kind that ensures it will not turn into a narrative. In other words, a two-time Oscar-winner who in 2004 already had 25 years of showbiz experience is probably going to get away with the excuse that he was trapped in an “offensive” situation and had no way out … other than to play along and crack jokes for over over five minutes.

You know what that video reminded me of? A scene you might see in a movie where a bunch of rich, white people are shown behind closed doors revealing their true selves under the mistaken impression no one will ever discover what they’re doing. Imagine the movie as the grainy video unspools and the ominous music swells over the sound of Tom Hanks’ cracking jokes as a wealthy and mostly Caucasian audience eats the racism up.

Yep, this is a great story. Which is exactly why the corrupt media won’t run with it.


Similarly, what Hanks’ blackface by association episode reminded me of, was this moment in the third season episode of Mad Men, when Roger Sterling, one of the senior partners in the show’s fictitious ad agency dropped by his country club and sang “My Old Kentucky Home” (the title of the episode)…in blackface:

It was a reminder of how much progress America has made in the years since the 1963 depicted in this episode.

Well, except for Hollywood, which seems to be the only bastion of America keeping this tradition alive*:

But then, unlike the hellish business world of the 1960s depicted in Mad Men, Hollywood has progressed far beyond the smoking, drinking, whoring, sexism, violent emotional outbursts, hypocritical business dealings, racism and racialism of America’s past.

Umm, hasn’t it?

* At least alive in 3d. The far left invariably seems to love itself some Photoshopped blackface around election time.


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