Ed Driscoll

For Hollywood Leftists, Racialism in Defense of Socialism is No Vice

The Daily Caller has a video of Tom Hanks, along with Glenn Frey of the Eagles shot at “a 2004 fundraising auction, playfully interacting with a white man dressed as an African native, complete with blackface makeup and a giant Afro wig.”

As the DC notes, “Hanks most recently provided the narration for ‘The Road We’ve Traveled,’ a 17-minute-long campaign video meant to help President Barack Obama win re-election in November.”

For Hollywood and racial progress, that’s been a road backwards, as demonstrated by the above video. John Nolte of Big Hollywood responds:

Our friends at the Daily Caller have obtained video of what Congress of Racial Equality national spokesperson Niger Innis has rightly called “an orchestrated, heinous, and racist ‘Stepin Fetchit’ routine that Mr. Hanks was a part of.”

You can watch for yourself here. The full video is here. I don’t care what your politics are, it’s nauseatingly racist.

And what a disconnect. While Academy Award-winner and Obama supporter Tom Hanks and Eagles musician Glenn Frey parade around in the worst racial stereotypes imaginable, they mock Republicans. I guess they believe that inoculates them from bathing in open racism.

[Congress of Racial Equality national spokesperson Niger Innis] has also called on President Obama to remove Tom Hanks as narrator of the the recent propaganda film the White House just released.

This is a story with legs and it should be interesting to see how Hanks, the White House, Hollywood and especially the media react. You know, the same media that declares the use of the words “basketball” and “food stamps” as racist.

This week, Robert DeNiro flipped Barry Goldwater’s motto on its head — racialism in the defense of socialism is no vice:

At a fundraising event with the First Lady last night, actor Robert De Niro made what The Hill calls a “racially-themed” joke.

“Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white First Lady?” De Niro asked, to which the crowd cried, “No!” De Niro followed up with, “Too soon, right?”

That joke wasn’t just “racially-themed.” Generally, I don’t like to be among the people who cry, “Racist!” at every little thing, but there seems to be quite a bit of confusion in our country about what does and does not constitute racism. If sexism is reducing a person to gender, isn’t racism reducing a person to race? In these sentences, De Niro gives no reason whatsoever as to why Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum or Ann Romney would make a poor First Lady other than that they’re white. He implied that Michelle Obama should remain the First Lady for no reason other than that she’s black. He surely has other reasons for his views, but, in this joke, he focused solely on the respective races of the women. That, my friends, is racist.

Not from the Hollywood left perspective, of course, which is summed up by this bumper sticker spotted during the 2008 campaign. Or to put it another way, “Progressivism is a religion that preaches salvation by faith, and utter damnation for the nonbelievers.”


Related: More racialism here, as actress Eva Longoria tells CNN’s Critical Race Theory expert/Rev. Wright shill Soledad O’Brien that Mitt Romney is “on the wrong side of every issue that is important to Latinos.” I had no idea that Latinos moved in such lockstep. Or that Eva had taken time out of her Desperate Housewives gig to poll them.