Ed Driscoll

The Dogged Determination of the MSM

“Fossil Fuel Production on Federal Lands at a Nine-Year Low,”  the Weekly Standard reports; naturally the MSM has their priorities in order, when questioning the president’s strange decision making processes which have played in a role in today’s stratospheric gas prices, as Daniel Halper notes elsewhere at the Standard: 

The Washington Post’s David Nakamura, today’s White House pool reporter, had these odd lines in his last dispatch, just as the president was returning from a speech in Maryland:

POTUS arrived back at WH at 12:45 pm after uneventful ride. POTUS was greeted in Rose Garden by Bo. POTUS didn’t reply when another pooler asked:
“Does Bo think you should release the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?”

So a gallon of regular is today costing Americans $3.82. And the question the press has for the president of the United States is whether his dog, Bo, thinks oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve should be released.

In 2010, Bo’s namesake liked to blurt out that Republicans talked about him “like a dog.” That mentality has evidently now spread to the MSM as well. And just last year, actress Kathy Bates shouted to CNN’s Piers Morgan that “I want him to stand up on his hind legs and fight these rat bastards.”

Given what the MSM and Hollywood now think of Obama these days, it could be a very long year for B.O., let alone his little dog, Bo.

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